Docufest Presents: The Electric Forest Festival

Connecting festivals to expertly curated professional and crowd-sourced photography and video

Ours is a crowd-sourced and expertly curated festival documentary service providing near-realtime video and photography. We depend on an open call to our social network of those who are most fit to perform tasks to contribute with the most relevant and fresh ideas. They are professionals, they are specialists, they are our team.

To capture, curate, archive and preserve the North American Festival Culture. A documentation of art, culture, music, ambiance, production and the people who make it all possible.

Team Members
Benjamin Slayter | Co-founder
Erin Slayter | Co-founder
Bo Fallin | Production Manager

Contributing Photographers and Videographers
Dominic Cochran
Brian Spady
Jay Miller
Erica Treais
Victoria Gabrielle Zegler
Marvin Hall
Chris Schneiter
and many more


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    the world-famous @tiesto at the #electricforest by @erica_treais for @docufest on Flickr.


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